How to Easily Access the Second Largest Market in The World During the Pandemic?


By: Wayne Merrick

Map Data: Shanghai, China
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The world is entering the 3rd year of the pandemic. At the time this article is being composed, it is not possible for foreigners to fly into Hong Kong, let alone mainland China. Despite this environment, BYG Advantage continues to close deals in China for a multitude of clients. For firms interested in expanding into Asia, the challenges posed by the pandemic should be a top of mind issue. How can anyone crack into China without physically entering the place? 

The reason BYG Advantage is able to continue business development progress under these circumstances is that all the senior sales, marketing, engineering, management, and business development people making up the firm are spread across five continents, including a large constituency in greater China. These people know how to contact prospective customers there, and they have been working locally while coordinating globally for the better part of a decade.

This is a simple but profound advantage. BYG Advantage’s competitors cannot generally boast the same entrenched global network, and hence they cannot boast the same resulting performance today:

Can BYG Advantage come up to speed on new client technology and use cases remotely? 

Yes, it has proven this capability since before the start of the pandemic. 

Can BYG Advantage develop and prioritize a list of high probability customers for a new client in today’s environment? 

Yes. Once again, BYG Advantage’s methods remain effective despite the pandemic. 

Can BYG Advantage scope customer implementations of client technology and arrange to carry out demos to prove the concept and close major deals? 

Yes. BYG Advantage’s relationships with prospects and reputations in the local markets enable the right meetings and priority with the right customer stakeholders. 

There are only a handful of other firms like BYG Advantage. These others tend to follow consulting models: following client engagement, they get to work assembling new teams that begin to develop fresh market presence. They do not have the comprehensive teams on the ground already with a network cultivated over the course of 8+ years the way that BYG Advantage does. Our people on the ground have made their living over these years by delivering numbers for our clients. Our clients hire us to get sales quickly in target regions because of this important difference. In fact, during the pandemic, BYG Advantage has had more active clients than ever before. 

Pre-pandemic, it was also customary for clients to fly their CEOs over to China or other target regions in Asia to close the deal at the end of the process. This is now avoidable if not impossible, removing an expensive and time-consuming step from the process. BYG Advantage continues to establish credibility and drive results through time-honored methods even as the business environment continues to evolve.

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