A peak at BYG Advantage’s Home Grown Web Scraping and B2B Deal Matching Tool


By: Wayne Merrick

Map Data: Kyoto, Japan
Google Earth, Google Maxar Technologies

BYG Advantage is made up of partners who have cultivated rich and extensive global business networks over decades. BYG Advantage still benefits, however, from a good sales funnel that can yield more than what would come from a pure reliance on friends or old acquaintances. Candy Guo helps to refine BYG Advantage’s proprietary Contact Engine, a smart database tool driven by machine learning that enables the BYG Advantage team to explore and find high profile clients. 

A key recent initiative within BYG Advantage has been the standardization of how the team finds customers for their clients to allow the augmentation of their efforts using the Contact Engine. Many of the most senior BYG Advantage team members are representing multiple clients simultaneously. Pursuing leads for any one client opens the door for opportunities to help other clients, as well. At the same time, the team needs to be very efficient with their time in order to maximize the opportunities explored for each client. The Contact Engine helps.

Each contact in the Engine is measured across various metrics in a mostly automated manner when the contacts are first pulled from any of a variety of internet resources and web crawlers. The system then organizes the contacts and scores them based on opportune fit with the criteria of any BYG Advantage team member. The Contact Engine leverages the volume of successful deals in the system to inform what recommendations it makes. Sales people are then able to focus on the top 10% of the thousands of relevant leads. As things develop, progress is tracked and fed back into the system to further refine it. At this point, the Contact Engine has saved hundreds of thousands of hours, allowing the BYG Advantage team to close deals for its clients at a much faster rate than would be the case using a traditional approach. 

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