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By: John Fargis

Map Data: Osaka, Japan
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Spycloud are a hypergrowth cyber security company out of Austin Texas, protecting major enterprise from nefarious hackers operating in the dark web.  Enjoying significant success in the US and Western Europe, the company was naturally inundated with numerous interesting leads from around the world.  And the company worked to judiciously qualify and address those new market leads with their core team Stateside.  

BYG Advantage has been most fortunate work with Spycloud to build out critical markets in Australia, ASEAN, South Korea and Japan.  In some markets we were able to establish a beach head with initial sales early on.  In other markets negotiating large deals with flagship enterprise have taken time.  But we have been lucky to work with an exceptionally professional and dedicated managerial sales and support team on the Spycloud side who are not only willing to teach and explain the solution and preferred business model, but also act as a learning organization who are insistent yet patient about understanding unique competitive challenges in some markets and distinct legal concerns in others.  This type of learning, organizational culture can make all the difference towards creating foundational success in new markets. 

We nearly always work with fast moving SMBs like Spycloud.  And as we all know the pressure is enormous to show demonstrable results, quarter-on-quarter.  It is an honor though to work with a company that can both establish impressive, efficient processes to support rapid growth, but who at the same time understand when time and nuance are required to work effectively across cultures.  Spycloud’s state of the art growth orchestration challenges BYG to be at our best while at the same time, they are wise enough to listen and innovate where needed to buttress a durable international expansion.  

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