Navigating Management Transitions


By: John Fargis

Map Data: Prague, Czech Republic
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It’s never easy when a client has a senior-most management change. Often any key hires and contractors associated with the ancien régime often find themselves in the cross hairs as new leadership seek to establish a preferred approach to business going forward.  BYG Advantage has worked with dozens of clients over the years, and we’ve learned to keep a cool head in the face of senior-most transitions. And this served us well in our engagement with the unique biometric security solutions company, Threatmark.  

Originally hailing from the Czech Republic, Threatmark built out a U.S. presence under newly hired U.S. management.  Our mandate initially concerned Latin America, where we staffed sales and support professionals and quickly established a solid pipeline of FSI opportunities. With the departure of the CEO who’d hired our firm, we were told we’d need to wrap up our activity just before we were able to capitalize on a manifest harvest. 

Rather than simply give up and move on, we patiently negotiated with the new management team on the one hand and tried to reassure our team in the field on the other to advance these opportunities during the wind-down period which our arrangement afforded.  Nothing would have been easier than to drop-tools and collect whatever money was due, but instinct suggested that a bit more demonstrable momentum, could begin to sway things.  

We were fortunate to have inherited a very practical and professional new management team, that took a sober look at the qualified opportunities we were engaged with and decided these did, indeed merit continued investment. We renegotiated a new, more focused assignment that will allow us to realize numerous direct deals with our team across Latin America. Very glad to have navigated this transition with Threatmark in Latin America where they have a fabulous opportunity disrupt the market with frictionless security.  

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