BYG Advantage: The History of Pacific Advantage Limited and its Merger with BYG


By: Wayne Merrick

Map Data: Xiamen, China
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Wayne Merrick has been helping organizations with international expansion since the early 1980s. He has developed particular expertise in greater China, as the region is often a target for clients and as it requires strong local knowledge to penetrate. BYG Advantage owes the second half of its name to a merger with Wayne’s organization, Pacific Advantage Limited (PAL). 

In 1993, Wayne had been in Asia for 6 years already. He and his wife Hali started PAL when they recognized an opportunity to help fast-growing internet companies enter Asia. At the time, many of Wayne’s and Hali’s contacts were joining firms like SynOptics and other small companies that were doing interesting things to pave the way for the tech industry to come. Wayne and Hali saw recurring frustration as these firms attempted to expand into Asia, and many of the challenges were things that the two had seen and solved before. The opportunity to help these firms was clear.

The venture was one of the pioneers of outsourced sales and BD. Rather than help firms hire locally to expand as a first step, PAL instead took over the operation directly, putting their own veteran sales and business development teams to work. As each client earned a foothold in Asia, the option arose for PAL to then help the client develop their own devoted local presence, including an office and a team. 

PAL thrived and was eventually bought out by Juniper Networks. Wayne stayed on until retirement. By then, his and Hali’s expertise had grown to the point that they could very quickly assess prospective clients and derive the ideal market entry and growth strategy. Clients kept reaching out, and the development of the technology world and the Asian markets were too interesting to step away from, so Wayne and Hali returned from retirement to reboot PAL.

Wayne and Hali met many other organizations working to help clients expand internationally. One that stood out was BYG. BYG excelled at the technical components of representing software organizations, including striking deals involving custom integrations of software solutions to fit the needs of Asian customers. BYG was growing quickly, and a merger between the new and dynamic BYG and the established and proven PAL showed considerable promise. BYG Adtantage was born, and this promise has been realized.

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