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SpyCloud's Expansion into ASEAN

SpyCloud had a thriving cybersecurity business with unique technology to protect companies’ exposure to the risks of the dark web. Based in Texas, they knew there was an attractive opportunity to expand into Asia. Instead of taking the slow, difficult path of tentatively exploring prospects remotely., SpyCloud leveraged the market expertise and expansive network of BYG Advantage to quickly build a pipeline of top-tier clients.

Since SpyCloud worked with customers who have lots of sensitive data, it was critical to have a partner that was exceptionally trustworthy and secure. BYG Advantage laid a foundation of trust and credibility for a long-term partnership, working closely with their legal team to address all of their security needs. That trust grew stronger as they came to learn that BYG Advantage was proactively transparent market intelligence and prospect feedback.

BYG Advantage quickly went to work activating their network in SpyCloud’s priority markets. In Australia, they worked with a contact who had actionable, mature relationships to quickly unlock an opportunity at a major government organization and in key universities.  Similarly, BYG Advantage established active relationships between SpyCloud and key cyber security resellers across ASEAN. In South Korea, SpyCloud already had an expansion partner in place. BYG Advantage is well-accustomed to collaborating with other partners in mutually beneficial ways, and in conjunction with Spycloud’ request, brought this partner on to the BYG platform, accelerating SpyCloud’s momentum in the country. 

For many companies, Japan can be an especially slow and difficult market to enter. However, BYG Advantage staffed a bicultural team of people with senior-most entree, technical know-how and exceptional sales expertise to accelerate activity in the market.  This involved reviewing and refining existing partner relationships, establishing a new distributorship and securing PoCs and closing new business across multiple industries, including some of the most respected brands in Japanese industry.  

SpyCloud was appreciative, for now they had regional sales and support coverage spanning Sydney to Tokyo, a managerial overlay and a burgeoning pipeline in-region to help qualify and close on the lead queue at a fraction of what it might have cost to pursue such in house.   

BYG Advantage customizes the approach to international market expansion to the specific needs of each company so that they can achieve their growth goals in critical new markets. Spycloud have been impressed with the model and have added investment to the regional team over time and encouraged BYG to consider other parts of the globe including East Africa and Latin America for ancillary expansion. 

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