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The Value of Internal Champions and Patient Stakeholder Alignment

Eitan Livne was heading Asia-Pacific operations for Vidyo, a company that handles software processing for video conferencing. He had a lot of offices and people underneath him, and he did not need much external help. When it came to the very large and longer-term deals that required much more negotiation across many stakeholders, however, he needed a senior sales strategist who shared extensive experience in the region. He was attracted to BYG Advantage’s impressive network and track record for managing very complex deals, and he began working directly with BYG Advantage’s John Fargis. They would fly together from city to city, discussing strategies and comparing feature benefits along the way. They would meet with client representatives and execute their plans, adjusting together deftly for unforeseen challenges, only to continue the discussion long into the night debriefing and revising. 


John Fargis and BYG Advantage were quickly able to leverage Vidyo’s successes elsewhere to break into the Japanese market. In Japan, they worked hard to close the nation’s biggest video conferencing company, V-Cube, resulting in a multi-year multi-million dollar contract still ongoing in 2022. The deal evolved drastically throughout the negotiation process. 


At first, many in V-Cube saw Eitan and John as representatives of a direct competitor, hindering forthright disclosure of important information. In addition, the firm was not used to outsourcing to partners, and the lack of precedents caused challenges in getting the right decision makers to consider opportunities. John, who knew many within V-Cube from his long experience closing deals in the area, was able to identify those within the firm who could truly benefit from the offering and those who would suffer most if a solution was not ultimately developed. From there, Eitan and John created a coalition of internal allies. Gradually, the coalition was able to initiate and oversee back and forth information sharing that clarified how the two firms could help each other without either having to divulge intellectual property that could cause damage to the firm. 


BYG Advantage was able to then revamp Vidyo’s offering to directly augment V-Cube’s offering to the satisfaction of all key client stakeholders and the client’s major customers. BYG Advantage was tasked with representing the three sides of this to each other. On the one hand, the V-Cube engineering team had specific intentions for how Vidyo’s technology was to integrate with their own, and V-Cube commercial team had ideas for adaptations to satisfy the needs of the Japanese market. These two factions needed to be satisfied through alignment of their ideas together and with the restrictions imposed by the Vidyo engineering team. John keps communication efficient and effective across time zones and cultures. The Vidyo solution was ultimately white labeled and successfully added as an extension to the V-Cube solution, quickly generating multiple millions of increased revenue for both firms. 

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