Kick-starting the DevOps market in Asia


By: Brian Burns - CoFounder

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Hashicorp was front-and-center to the DevOps revolution, one of 2010’s fastest growing areas. DevOps promised much faster and efficient application development and deployment with game-changing implications across all vertical industries, particularly to companies migrating to cloud-based infrastructure. Shortly after first revenues in the US, BYG was brought on to lead all sales in the Asia Pacific region of their market-leading products such as Terraform and Vault.

Contracted to open the markets of Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Australia, BYG assigned resources in each of these respective regions. BYG deployed all of these regions with on-the-ground, industry-specific sales resources, but in certain focus regions deployed additional resources such as pre-sales engineering and marketing.

While securing early wins with marquee logos in China, Korea, and Singapore, BYG Japan spearheaded and grew the Japan Hashicorp Usergroup from zero to nearly 800 members of the fledgling Japan DevOps community, leading to a dramatic increase in local Hashicorp tool usage growth and later to the closing of large deals with a number of Japan’s most respected logos including Yahoo Japan, SoftBank, and more. 

In China, BYG worked to build the developer community with local giant Alibaba for the Terraform product, attending events such as the Alibaba Conference and other key events. 

In both Singapore and Korea, BYG was able to identify, penetrate, and close six figure lighthouse deals with marquee-logo companies in both markets, establishing them as major players in these fledgling but high-growth local DevOps markets.  


Once Hashicorp had established their name and increased their awareness in this growth area in each of these markets, we began the process of transferring management of the accounts, lead funnels, and critical elements such as local user groups and other strategic partnerships in the region to Hashicorp. We assisted this transition in many ways, including assisting them in identifying key local resources to be hired, resources such as office space, legal resources, and other strategic partners such as system integrators and synergistic software vendors in the industry. After the successful transition to Hashicorp hired local management in places such as Japan, Singapore and Australia, Hashicorp continued to cooperate with BYG for several years in China, building a developer community, when they had decided not to enter on their own. 

Closing deals with internationally renowned logos in Asia was clearly an important revenue driver for this young company. But demonstrating a cost-effective and very successful expansion into Asia, the world’s fastest growing economic region, was also key as they prepared for their successful $13 billion IPO, the world’s fourth largest software IPO in 2021. 

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