What Does an Outsourced VP of Sales Do?

Hong Kong BYG Advantage

An outsourced VP of Sales serves as a seasoned sales executive tasked with paving the way for organizational growth. They offer businesses avenues of expansion.

Case Study: Myriota

Myriota in LatAm and ASEAN Myriota are a disruptive player in IoT connectivity, enabling ultra, low-powered sensors to connect globally through satellite.  Headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, the company was considering how to capitalize on their demonstrable success in Australia and as well as in North America to enter new markets.  Initial discussions suggested that both […]

Navigating Management Transitions

Threatmark, a biometric security company from the Czech Republic, recently navigated a managerial transition. Fortunately, BYG Advantage was able to earn the new management’s trust to continue.