Case Study: Myriota

Myriota in LatAm and ASEAN Myriota are a disruptive player in IoT connectivity, enabling ultra, low-powered sensors to connect globally through satellite.  Headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, the company was considering how to capitalize on their demonstrable success in Australia and as well as in North America to enter new markets.  Initial discussions suggested that both […]

Case Study : B.V Rio

Building Timely Traction for a Game-Changing International Non-Profit Building Timely Traction for a Game-Changing International Non-Profit B.V. Rio, an influential nonprofit hailing from Brazil and the UK, developed a network of environmentally conscious organizations in the timber business called Responsible Timber eXchange (RTX). BYG Advantage partner John Fargis became connected to the organization through his […]

Case Study: Vidyo

The Value of Internal Champions and Patient Stakeholder Alignment Eitan Livne was heading Asia-Pacific operations for Vidyo, a company that handles software processing for video conferencing. He had a lot of offices and people underneath him, and he did not need much external help. When it came to the very large and longer-term deals that […]

Case Study : HortonWorks

Hot New Area In Technology Like most firms that become BYG Advantage clients, HortonWorks was dealing with a hot new area in technology at the time. HortonWorks introduced a unique means to handle big big data and Hadoop specifically. The latest craze was offloading enterprise data warehousing. Organizations were looking at downsizing their internal Oracle […]

Case Study : Trustonic

Maintaining the Bridge to China The complicated challenge of bridging software companies into China has certainly not gotten any easier in the past few years.  Official policy both within the PRC and in many western countries have exacerbated distrust and suspicion leaving a narrower range within which successful commercial exchanges are possible.  BYG Advantage is […]

Case Study : SpyCloud

SpyCloud’s Expansion into ASEAN SpyCloud had a thriving cybersecurity business with unique technology to protect companies’ exposure to the risks of the dark web. Based in Texas, they knew there was an attractive opportunity to expand into Asia. Instead of taking the slow, difficult path of tentatively exploring prospects remotely., SpyCloud leveraged the market expertise […]